PhD day

The 2016 AEDE PhD Day – AEDE juniors will offer a platform for international networking to aspiring academic researchers. Attendees will have the opportunity to present their research projects, to receive feedback from international experts and to engage an open debate with peer doctoral students from around the world. The event will stretch over one day, but the following Annual AEDE Forum will give the change of our juniors to enrich their experience and to set up international networking.

The AEDE PhD Day will focus on practical advice for a successful academic career. Participant will hear directly from distinguished scholars who will share their experiences on the diffusion of research through journals and other outlets; on the pursuit of external funding and grant opportunities; and on keeping pace with trending topics and research methods.

Attendees will present their research projects in specifically tailored sessions chaired by experienced senior researchers who will lead the debate and provide individual feedback. At the end of the AEDE Forum a prize will be awarded to the most promising work presented during the 2016 AEDE PhD Day.

Those who would like to participate on the Phd Day should submit a long abstract (max. 8 pages) summarizing the main topic, specific objectives, methodology and progress of the thesis.

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